Pumpkin Seed Turmeric Bread

Pumpkin Seed Turmeric Bread

I grew up in New England, so I take fall pretty seriously. Fall is about stepping outside in the morning into cool, brisk air, dunking your apple cider doughnut into your coffee, and basking in the glorious fall foliage.

Fall also means it’s pumpkin season. I’m not someone who needs pumpkin in everything, and I especially do not want it in coffee. I like pumpkin pie, but it’s not my favorite pie (that’s one of molasses, sweet potato, or pecan - I can never quite decide) and one of my favorite memories of fall as a kid is roasting the seeds from the jack-o-lanterns my parents and I would carve.

The point of this preface is that I like pumpkin a normal amount and the recipe that follows isn’t meant to add to the pumpkin spice craze. In fact, there’s no pumpkin spice in the bread at all. I certainly can’t take credit for the pumpkin seed and turmeric combination, but this recipe is mine. I was inspired by a few instabakers who were showing off some radiant yellow loaves. I wanted something similar while also having some whole grain. I opted for light-on-color spelt to let the turmeric color come through as true as possible. I wrote the recipe for large-ish loaves, which are great if you have room for them, but feel free to scale the recipe down a little.

Pumpkin Seed Turmeric Bread

Total weight: 1600g (211.8%)
Prefermented flour: 20%

Ingredient List
529g Bread flour (70%)
227g Whole spelt flour (30%)
642g Water (85%)
60g Rolled oats (8%)
76g Raw pumpkin seeds (the green ones) (10%)
10g Turmeric (1.3%)
15g Salt (2%)
38g Sourdough (5%)
4g Yeast (0.5%)
Some pumpkin seeds (raw) for the crust

151g Spelt
106g Water
38g Sourdough

60g Oats
76g Pumpkin seeds
150g Water

Final Dough
529g Bread Flour
76g Spelt
10g Turmeric
386g Water
15g Salt
4g Yeast

Toast the oats and pumpkin seeds for about 10 minutes at 400F. While that’s toasting, assemble the levain, dissolving the sourdough starter in the water before adding the flour. When the oats and seeds are done, add them to the water and let both the levain and soaker sit overnight at room temperature for 12-16 hours.

Once you are ready to build the final dough, combine the dry ingredients, dissolve the levain in the water (reserve some water to activate the yeast if you use active dry), then add to the dry ingredients. Add the soaker and mix until you have a shaggy mass of a dough. The seeds don’t have to be uniformly distributed, but take care to distribute the turmeric well, otherwise your bread might be streaky.

Bulk rise for 3 hours, folding after 15/30/45/60/120 minutes. After the three hours, divide the dough in two, preshape, and let sit for 10 minutes or so. Shape the dough however you’d like, then spread some extra pumpkin seeds on your work space. Spray the shaped loaves with water and gently roll them in the seeds, then place them seeds down in a banneton or whatever you use to support the loaves during the final proof. Proof for 60 minutes, then bake at 475F for 35 minutes, steaming for the first 25.

Scoring a loaf with a seeded crust can be tricky, but a seed or bran crust that’s been left to crack and open naturally is really beautiful, so that’s up to you to decide what you like better!

This bread is beautiful with a no-doubt-about-it yellow crust and crumb. It’s a light and flavorful bread that isn’t too bold or overwhelming. Perfect for those brisk fall mornings to accompany eggs and coffee.