Jalapeño Gouda Rye

My jalapeño cheddar bread is very popular with my friends - with good reason! It’s light, soft, cheesy, and has a hint of heat (or a punch in the mouth if you choose the habanero version). It’s great bread, but I got the sense that this smiling, cheery bread had a dark, smoldering alter ego. That’s right, a rye bread.

I describe rye dough as smoldering because rye conceals its fermentation where doughs made primarily from bread flour or even whole wheat freely advertise their fermentation. “Look at my bubbles! See how much I’ve risen!” Rye is a bit more “leave me alone I’m working”.

I switched the cheese to Gouda because it’s easy to find smoked, and I thought that the smoky flavor would complement the rye nicely. I was right.

Jalapeño Gouda Rye Bread

Yield: 2 medium loaves

Ingredient List (Total Weight 1400g)
313g Whole rye flour (50%)
313g Bread flour (50%)
489g Water (78%)
13g Salt (2%)
125g Smoked Gouda, cubed (20%)
94g Jalapenos, seeds and ribs removed (15%)
50g Sourdough culture (8%)
2g Yeast (0.3%)

Rye Sourdough
250g Rye flour
163g Water
50g Sourdough

Final Dough
63g Whole rye flour
313g Bread flour
326g Water
13g Salt
94g Jalapenos
2g Yeast

Twelve to sixteen hours before you want to build the final dough, assemble the sourdough, dissolving the sourdough starter in the water before adding the flour.

Once the levain is active, combine the flour and salt (and yeast if using instant), dissolve the levain in the warm water (reserve some water to activate the yeast if you use active dry), then add to the flour and salt. Mix until you have a claylike dough, then fold in the jalapeños. The peppers don’t have to be uniformly distributed.

Bulk rise for an hour, folding after 30 minutes to better distribute the peppers. The dough will be a bit sticky - wet your hands as needed. After the full hour, divide in two. Preshape as rounds and let rest while you cube the cheese. Incorporate the cheese during the final shaping; stretch each loaf into a large disk, place half the cheese even spread on the top, and shape as usual into a boule. Place seamside up in a floured banneton and let proof for 30-45 minutes (careful - this dough can overproof quickly). Bake at 475F for 35 minutes, steaming for the first 20 minutes.

If you are looking for extra cheese, I put thin slices of cheese into the scoring marks I made. It’s great if this bread isn’t cheesy enough for you.

Enjoy! ~Valentine